June 14

6PM - 8PM | $3.00


The four-piece Twin-Cities, Minnesota rockers, Jon Wayne and The Pain (aka JWP) are best known for innovating acoustic-electronic dub, heightened with conscious lyrics and catchy riddims. The quartet has been mesmerizing fans for a decade, with their signature JWP cosmic-blend of electronic beats, fused with uplifting roots-driven beats and a hearty dash of conscious lyricism.

June 21

6PM - 8PM | $3.00


Meeting at a junction of Americana, indie rock, and folk, Roanoke first began their journey in 2014. In May 2016, the band released their debut, self-titled album Roanoke, which won the hearts of fans and words of critics at outlets like HuffPost, Bluegrass Today, and No Depression, who described their sound as, both ageless and expressive. Having earned a reputation for spirited live performances, Roanoke has spent as much time as they can muster on tour.

June 28

6PM - 8PM | $3.00


The Haymakers celebrate the many streams of Folk music with style! This Wichita band blends genuine folk and bluegrass instrumentation to create a sound that brings thoughts of Doc Watson, the Byrds, Johnny Cash and many other greats… yet a unique sound of their own!!! Led by Dustin Arbuckle, founding member of International touring American roots act, Moreland & Arbuckle, this band is taking traditional bluegrass on a wild journey!

July 12

6PM - 8PM | $3.00


What if Americana actually encompassed ALL of North America? You’d have the Franco-Acadian inflections of Canada, as best exemplified by le accordion, blues and jazz, the only truly indigenous musics the US has ever produced, and the lilting grace and fiery passion of the music of Mexico. You’d also have New Orleans’ premiere distillers of this continental musical melange, The Iguanas, They have performed around the world including multiple Jazz Fest appearances since their beginnings in the early 90s. The band still consists of the four original members.

July 19

6PM - 8PM | $3.00

Remedy Drive


July 26

6PM - 8PM | $3.00

The Taylor Scott Band

The Taylor Scott Band transcends musical genres by joyously embracing a raft of them. Funk, Soul, Rock and R&B all come together in this Denver-based band’s repertoire, and never more so than on his new album release, “All We Have,” Produced by Steve Berlin (Los Lobos).

Onstage, the road-tested Taylor Scott Band simply kills it night after night. Good luck trying to sit down or stay still. In addition to touring and recording with his own band, Scott has recorded and toured the US, Canada and Europe with blues legend Otis Taylor and in 2015 played alongside the likes of Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers, Gov’t Mule) on Taylor’s critically acclaimed release, “Hey Joe Opus: Red Meat.”  

“Hearing Taylor Scott is like hitting the jackpot.  This unassuming kid from Denver is a monster.” – Gigcity.CA 



JUNE: 14, 21, 28
JULY: 12, 19, 26

6PM – 8PM Each Night
Admission: $3.00

End your week with the best line-up of music from downtown Sioux City’s premiere summer concert series, Downtown Live*. Now back on the best day of the week “Friday.”

Bring your lawn chairs because the weekend starts here. So get there quick…you don’t want to miss a beat.

*Formerly Fridays on the Promenade, which moved to Thursdays in front of the Sioux City Public Museum**. It’s still at the Sioux City Public Museum but now on Fridays. Sorry for the confusion, we promise not to change it again…unless we have to because of unforeseen circumstances but know deep down that we aren’t doing this because we want too, its just that things happen…but we digress. Just come and enjoy yourself. We promise you’ll have a good time.

**The name “Thursdays in Front of the Museum” just didn’t have the same emotional pull as “Fridays on the Promenade” so we just came up with something that sounded as fun and as exciting as “Fridays on the Promenade”. Honestly we’re glad we didn’t call it “Thursdays in Front of the Museum” now that we changed the day back to Friday. If you have a better name please feel free to call and let us know.


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